Need some extra space for your “Stuff”?

Have no fear, we’ve got plenty!

We all find ourselves in need of extra space at one time or another.

Whether we want clear out the garage so we can actually park a car in it, clean out the basement that looks like a warehouse or we are selling our home and want to ‘unclutter’ the place for potential buyers, extra space always makes life a little easier.

At Shur Lok Self Storage, we’ve got just the place to store those items that are taking up too much room. From small 5’x5′ units to large 10’x 30′ units. Your possessions are safely kept in clean, protected environments that are even available with heat for those precious things that can’t stand the cold. We even have a large outdoor area for boats, motorhomes or any large items that are taking up too much space in the yard.

Check out the Storage page.

  • Clean units
  • Sizes to suit your needs
  • Protected environment
  • Accessible when you need them
  • Heated units available
  • Outdoor space for boats, motorhomes and more

Moving? Check out our moving supplies. From boxes to packing materials, you’ll find everything you need in our store. These supplies will even come in handy when you’re packing up those items for safekeeping in our storage units.

Get yourself that extra space you’ve always wanted.
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